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        Jinchen company is a professional company engaged in r&d and production of photovoltaic solar crystal silicon and amorphous silicon battery module packaging automation production line. It has been committed to providing innovative and efficient automation solutions for customers in the solar module manufacturing industry, and has been widely used and trusted. Thanks to our rich experience in the field of control technology and photovoltaic packaging technology, we are able to provide personalized solutions according to customer needs. By 2015, it has installed 30GW of photovoltaic module automatic packaging production line for more than 80 photovoltaic enterprises in the world, and has been running smoothly.


        The company has 462 employees, located in the beautiful coastal city of yingkou, liaoning province. Covers an area of 75,000 square meters, has a standard plant of 30,000 square meters, r & d office complex of 9,000 square meters, which has jinchen intelligent automation equipment research institute and jinchen enterprise technology center.



        Company sales network and service chain